What is your end goal?

We often talk about how important it is to understand what you’re actually trying to achieve. How you will position yourself? What is your vision? What is your added value?

Many companies are money driven, they don’t care about anything else. Can’t blame them, but as a socially driven business we believe in having a vision, a long-term plan divided in to 100’s of small steps to achieve the ultimate end goal. In our case invest in people, help businesses give back to communities and change perceptions. We will get to perceptions in a few moments. Lets talk about “the idea” first - your idea that you will turn into a business. What drives you? Why do you think your business will be different then thousand others? Do your research, find out everything there is to know about the market, niche, product, etc. Before taking action and turning your idea into something write down everything that is important to you. Make a list, draw a chart, meditate, brainstorm with your partners – do whatever gets you really thinking. Don’t rush, take your time. Having a clear vision + plan of action will add so much value to the next 12 months of working smart, launching your business and signing up first clients.

Now, perceptions. How does your customer see you and your brand? The old ways of doing business are changing. We live in a world with no borders, there are no restrictions (we are not talking about politics, sanctions, trade agreements, Brexit, etc.). You can access all the information online, contact suppliers directly and do business without even speaking to your clients. Many companies are still trying to make money based on old values, customer loyalty and knowing the market. Most of such businesses will tick along or slowly start closing doors. In 2019 most businesses are challenged to find new ways of interacting with their target audience. To give something away for free to attract more customers. To share information without asking for anything in return. To actually add value rather than selling something that the consumers don’t want or need. Wrong perceptions can lead to wrong decisions.

We do a lot of research, we like the good old surveys, this time we asked 20 small to medium business owners what they think about customer perception of their brand. The latest survey was a real eye opener: more than 30% of businesses said that they do not invest any time and money in social media as they believe their product is good and will always sell; 50% are exploring ways to increase social media presence and generate leads through Facebook & Linkedin ads, so their main focus is on converting leads into new or repeat business; 20% came back saying they focus on making their brand unique. They spend a lot of time on brand positioning & brand awareness by interacting with customers, understanding them and using data to create an amazing customer journey. The actual product or service they sell is the last thing on their list. We agree with the 20%. Can’t stress enough how important it is to actually open your eyes and mind to see how markets, consumers and businesses are changing. Don’t be a part of the 30% that think they don’t need to do anything, as they have already lost. The consumer is targeted by every business under the sun, being offered hundreds of products. You have to be the one who actually listens to what the consumer wants and gives them experience that will make you stand out.

We encourage you to spend more time on research and thinking about how you will position yourself and your brand, and what message you want your customers to see, read, hear. Be creative. Be unique.

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