Recruitment Process Sucks

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

How many times have you been let down by a recruitment agency? Our personal best (or worst) is 5 times over the last 3 years.

The recruitment process, especially in UK, has not seen any innovation for the last 20 years. One might argue that there are plenty of start-ups claiming they are disrupting the market, along the lines of "Sign up and we will find a perfect match for you". However, there are plenty of problems and obstacles that will make the whole process a living nightmare. We recently consulted a start-up, based in Israel, that are trying to become #thenextbigthing in recruitment. Let’s look into the actual process in more detail, shall we?

Let’s start with the job-seeker. He/she requires a CV, ideally written by a professional to highlight his/her experience, skills and achievements. Such professionals can be found online, for example on - always check the individuals work, success rate and feedback before hiring. Once the CV is ready and the job-seekers life has been summarised on two A4 pages (!?) it is time to contact recruiters and register with as many apps & platforms as possible. The job-seeker can spend hours, days, weeks and months clicking on "Submit Application" and waiting for a reply saying they have been selected for the next round. Usually there will be 2-3 rounds: a call, face to face and last but not least a presentation and/or assignment. On average a job-seeker will register with 5-10 recruiters. How many of those recruiters will spend time with the job-seeker to qualify them properly? It is called #personalityprofiling - understand strengths, weaknesses, skills, work ethics, psychological profile, etc.

The employer relies on the recruiter to find the best talent for the job. The employer expects the recruiter to do 50% of the work - short-list the best. As we all know recruitment is a target driven business, the more you sell the more you make. Nothing wrong with that, well in theory anyway. Most recruiters are graduates, 18-23 years old, they undergo one week’s sales training conducted by a line manager, probably 23-28 years old company veteran who has survived 2-3 years of 60 hour weeks. Can you see where this is going? The lack of training means that the new recruitment specialists will carry on doing exactly what has been going on for the last 20 years... The job-seeker is only a number, he/she becomes commission and the less time spent with the individual the better as the sales target will not hit itself. Young recruiters are kept hungry and motivated by their managers and MD's who flash a Rolex and a Mercedes Benz, leased of course.

Job-seekers don't stand a chance to get what they want and are actually brilliant at. Employers will only see a mall % of job-seekers based on the recruiters judgement. According to our Israeli client only one in 20 recruiters will have a proper personality profiling process in place. Meaning, the job-seeker is basically relying on pure luck to get the job they want. As part of our market research we spoke with five London based recruitment agencies. We pretended to be an employer looking for a senior level candidate to join a fast growing SaaS business. If you think that any of the five actually have anything similar to personality profiling in place you are very wrong. Only one of the recruiters was familiar with (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator ) test. We often ask our clients and new project managers to take the test, it is really simple yet very accurate and helps match the right manager with the client. Also, none of the recruiters seemed to get the concept of transferable skills, meaning if the job-seeker has been a Sales Director in the financial sector for example, he/she can find the same position in real estate, SaaS, tech, etc. Sales is sales and most of the experience gained in the previous role can be transferred to the new role.

To cut a very long story short and get straight to the point here is what we suggest... Recruiters should introduce personality profiling, invest more time in their own employees to make sure job-seekers are given a fair chance to find what they are looking for and employers get the best talent. Recruiters should adapt "think outside the box" policy and start adding value to both employers and job-seekers.

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