Innovation In Real Estate?

I talk about digital planning, virtual asset management & leasing on daily basis. How the real estate industry has changed and what will happen next but being an innovator comes at a cost... You have to constantly educate your target audience and prove that what you are talking about is not something that might happen in the future but actually is already happening. 

Why would you want to do things differently if for the last 20 years planning applications have followed a 12-24 month cycle and the same old process? Why would you want to maximise returns by managing an asset more efficiently? Secure highest quality commercial tenants in the shortest amount of time possible? Nonsense right?! 

Making a change does not need to be a long and painful process. The real questions should be what ROI I am looking at? Short answer: potentially, increased development envelope, de-risked planning app, asset generating more revenue and new commercial tenants signing up quicker.

It all comes down to understanding actual goals/mission and adding real commercial value. 

There are many innovators running the largest real estate companies, global players, that are not afraid of making changes... I’ve been very lucky to work with some of them lately. 

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